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“Erika manages to pair professionalism with true empathy. As a patient, I know I can tell her anything about my health and she will – in a non-judgmental manner – help me address my concerns. Her intuition astounds me. She can hone in immediately not just on problems, but on solutions. I highly recommend her.”
– Lisa Smith, writer

“I love going to Erika. She is wonderful, her space is calming, and that certainly makes my experience even more relaxing and comfortable. She is also really wonderful about discussing how you are feeling that day and making sure to figure out the best course of treatment and realistic expectations about how effective each treatment should be. I have been seeing her mostly for some back problems and I honestly feel like I have a new back. There are not enough wonderful things I can say about her. Plus, she takes health insurance!”
– C. R.

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I had been to acupuncture a few times prior to meeting you, but never had an entirely comfortable experience. You truly are a healer, and it is evident in not only your personality, but in your technique as an acupuncturist. Since becoming your patient, not only have I felt so much relief from my IBS symptoms, I also just feel healthier. I think I have provided every single person in need of healing or acupuncture work with your name. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done…you truly are a gifted and amazing healer.”
– J.S.

“I visited Erika with a really bad neck and shoulder problem. After one treatment, I was pain free. She worked a miracle, and I continue to use her services on a regular basis.”
– D.R.

“…there are few people I would trust enough to stick me with needles 🙂 I can not believe how relaxing the experience was…I fell into a very restful sleep during the treatment and there was a notable reduction in back pain for many days following the treatment…”
– E.W.

“Erika helped me so much! I had a severe lower back problem. I was also having trouble just sitting! I couldn’t sit at the computer, on the subway, or drive. She discussed the situation with me and we made a plan. After the first session
could feel the difference. And after each session
the results were better & better and lasted longer. I now am on my way to feeling so much better and pain free all the time. I also found that the acupuncture work Erika did helped allow me to start some of the stretching she recommended (I was just too tight and in too much pain beforehand). She was insightful, helpful and kept a warm, professional but friendly and understanding atmosphere. There is no doubt she helped me. I strongly recommend her.”
– S.W.

“Erika is amazing. She spends lots of time with you, giving you a full analysis when you walk in the door and a pulse and tongue reading. Then she spends time working with you and listening to you. Also, she has a very positive and calming energy about her. I am a client and also have my own business as a nutritionist. I have sent many clients to Erika who all come back raving about her. So now I know that my initial reaction was perfectly on target.”
– E.P

“Go to her immediately :)”
-Monica Shah