Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can aide with every aspect of pregnancy, from conception to post partum:

For difficulties getting pregnant, we start treatment by regulating the menstrual cycle. Weekly treatments are key to balancing the body and supporting a regular cycle. Once a regular cycle is established, acupuncture is used to promote healthy blood flow to the uterus for increased chances of implantation.

In cases of IVF it is important to start acupuncture treatments weekly to prepare for retrieval. After retrieval there may be pain and discomfort in the abdomen and acupuncture can greatly help with this. It is also recommended before and after implantation.

Women can benefit from weekly treatments when they are pregnant for strengthening immunity for herself and the baby.

Morning sickness can be very uncomfortable for the first 3 months of pregnancy. Acupuncture can safely regulate your system and aide in settling the stomach. We also provide literature listing over thirty safe and holistic suggestions for reducing nausea during this time.

Back pain is common during pregnancy and acupuncture is a safe an effective way to naturally treat the pain.

If the baby is breech before delivery, moxibustion is used to help turn the baby so the positioning is correct for delivery. It can be exciting to watch the baby move during these treatments.

If labor has not started by the due date, acupuncture can promote movement in the uterus and aide in stimulating labor.

After delivery, post partum depression may be experienced and can be overwhelming as a new mother. Chinese herbal medicine works incredibly well to support the system during this time with Qi and blood building herbs. This can help with depression, energy, sleep and is completely safe while breast feeding.