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Acupuncture to Improve Your Health

Research has proven that acupuncture can improve a person’s well-being by stimulating the body’s healing processes, making it an important component to an integrative health care plan. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has determined that this non-invasive health care treatment is safe and effective when it comes to helping patients overcome a variety of ailments.

When placed at the appropriate points, acupuncture needles help to release blocked energy throughout the body so that function can be restored to everything from the digestive and cardiovascular systems, to the immune system, endocrine system, and nervous system. Results of this balanced energy flow can include better sleep and elevated mood, enhanced digestion, reduced pain, and an improved sense of wellness.

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Acupuncture for Health & Wellness


Acupuncture can treat seasonal or year-round allergies. By building the immune system, transforming phlegm, opening the sinuses, and regulating organ function, acupuncture and herbal medicine can be very helpful for congestion, shortness of breath, allergic asthma, watery eyes, stuffy nose, malaise and cough.

Anxiety & Depression

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are effective forms of treatment, in conjunction with talk therapy, for mild to moderate forms of anxiety and depression.


16th St Acupuncture has recently added beauty treatments that incorporate facial cupping with acupuncture to stimulate collagen and blood flow to the face. Facial cupping reduces fine lines and wrinkles and give the face a lift and glow.

Bladder Issues

Acupuncture has been shown to be beneficial in treating certain types of bladder issues including overactive bladder and pelvic pain due to interstitial cystitis. Moxa therapy (see below) has been shown to reduce pain in patients and act as a complimentary treatment to a Western medical protocol.

Cancer Care

16th St Acupuncture has been treating cancer patients for over a decade. Clinical studies show acupuncture is safe and effective before, during, and after chemotherapy or radiation treatments to help with such side effects as fatigue, insomnia, nausea, neuropathy, hot flashes, dry mouth, loss of appetite and pain.

Carpal Tunnel

Studies show acupuncture can be beneficial for relieving pain caused by median nerve entrapment. E-Stim, moxibustion and in some cases sliding cupping can release constraint in the connective tissue on the arm, thereby reducing pressure on the nerve and alleviating pain.

Digestive Issues

Acupuncture is extremely helpful in treating all types of digestive issues including SIBO, colitis, constipation, loose stools, diarrhea, and IBS. Moxibustion can be used to help strengthen the stomach, spleen, and intestines.

Gua Sha Facial Rejuvenation

Gua (to scrape) Sha (stagnated blood) has been around for thousands of years. In Chinese villages, people would use a coin to scrape the backs of children or anyone who was developing a cold or chest congestion to release the pathogen.


Along with sleep and plenty of fluids, acupuncture can balance the body’s ability to recover faster and harmonize Liver function. Acupuncture can reduce headache, nausea, and overall malaise.


Research shows that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine increases nighttime melatonin production and total sleep time. By using our diagnostic tools, we can decipher what type of insomnia you have, and devise a specific treatment plan to treat it effectively.


Acupuncture can help stabilize and harmonize the nervous system in order to overcome jetlag. Certain treatment protocols can help with sleep and digestion to help get the body regulated and functioning properly.

Men’s Health

Acupuncture has been shown to help with sexual function and vitality in men. Regular acupuncture treatments not only help increase desire and sexual stamina, they can also increase sperm quality, quantity, and motility and reduce structural defects.


Services & Rates


Initial Acupuncture

The initial visit will involve an in-depth discussion with one of our caring practitioners about your health concerns. You will be emailed an intake form before the treatment in order to more fully address your needs.
Approx. 75 min.
Erika: $175 | Other Therapists: $150

Follow Up Acupuncture

Existing clients will continue to engage with their practitioner about their health needs before their full treatment begins.
Approx. 60 min.
Erika: $150 | Other Therapists: $125

Acupuncture / Massage

Relaxation of both body and mind for clients coming in with body aches and pains or just need some self care.
Approx. 60 min. | $175

Acupuncture Gua Sha Facial

Relax and give your face a treat! This rejuvenating session starts with an acupuncture treatment customized to reduce wrinkles and build collagen. The treatment finishes with a relaxing facial massage using the Gua Sha jade stone to tighten and energize the skin.
Approx. 60 min. | $175

Cupping Treatment

Cupping is a wonderful technique that reduces tight muscles and pain as well as strengthening the immune system to help alleviate your cough and cold symptoms.
Approx. 30 min. | $60

Herbal Consultation

Herbal medicine addresses a wide array of systemic conditions that range from insomnia and migraines to gynecological and digestive issues. Book an appointment to find out which formula works best for you.
Approx. 30 min. | $60

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a scraping technique that removes blood stagnation in the muscle layer to alleviate pain, stiffness, fever, chill, cough, wheeze, nausea. Gua sha is also used more gentle on the face to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and reduce puffiness.
Approx. 30 min. | $60

Micro Needling

Micro needling or collagen induction therapy, is also known as a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles. The purpose of the treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin.
Approx. 60 min. | $250

Korea Acupuncture Facial (F.A.C.E)

Facial Acupuncture for Charm and Elegance is a facial acupuncture treatment originated from Korea. FACE aims for natural improvement of the facial muscles and the skin tone.
Approx. 60 min. | $250