I followed my passion for dance because I understood that the body was an instrument for expression. Injuries and wear and tear over a decade of dancing created a career of change for me that came from the realization that the instruments we inhabit need care and balance. I found those things in acupuncture. I also found my new passion to help heal and empower my community of dancers and athletes along that journey. I created a practice that effectively treats insomnia, anxiety, allergies, headaches, digestive issues and women’s issues.

We offer an array of holistic services including acupuncture, massage, cupping, washa and herbal consultations that aid in allowing our clients to live their best lives. We are considered by many as their holistic primary care provider. We approach treatments utilizing East Asian medical philosophy in a modern dynamic setting. We also take insurance and have a convenient online booking system.

We are a family practice that treats the root of problems rather than just the symptoms. We take great pride in treating multiple generations of families. We have helped women get pregnant. We aid in inducing labor. And we treat children so they may know lifelong health empowerment.

16th Street acupuncture is a sanctuary to rest and recharge. We are excited to welcome you to reconnect to what it means to be healthy with the power and freedom it brings.