According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the face is the map of the soul, a mirror to the outside world that projects our inner self.

Your body is interconnected, like all living things. What affects your physical self is a series of meridians. Energy flows to and from the organs in the body along these pathways in a bio-electrical and vibrational way. This energy is vital to our survival. It runs along, ensuring movement, breath, brain activity and emotions. In fact, everything we do, nor matter how small, is governed by this intricate system.

You can feel energy surging through your body every time you move a muscle. Your face is literally a map of the organs in your body. Each part of it connects to an organ and a related Qi Point. Once you achieve balance, your mind and body can heal in the most beautiful way, and your face will reflect peace and happiness.

If you are experiencing issues on the part of your body that you can see, it’s probably because something is internally awry.

For example- pimples, rashes, change in skin tone or color are an indication and a physical warning of bad choices. You need to pay attention to what you’re putting in your mind and body.

Check out the ancient wisdom below to embrace some very practical suggestions for living your most marvelous life.

Look for the corresponding internal organ in order to restore good health and heal your body. Here is a map of your face to guide your journey.


Small intestine/nervous system governs the small intestine and the nervous system, including digestion. The nervous system rules the intestines and determines digestive functions. Look for deep horizontal lines across your forehead if you are experiencing poor intestinal health. Leaky gut, bacterial imbalance and IBS are indicators that poor food choices like refined sugar and carbs, alcohol, or lack of sleep and all forms of stress are part of the problem. Restore balance with a diet that includes probiotics and chew a few digestive enzymes with meals.  A bit of pineapple is good as well.  Bone broth, collagen and glutamine for healing the small intestine.

Some ways to activate the parasympathetic Yin state is meditation, acupuncture and yin yoga poses. My friend Anita shakes it to Bowie after breakfast every day for a very satisfying ten minutes before she goes into her corporate day job. Whatever gets you smiling and moving.

Forehead Corners / Temples

Represent the kidney and bladder system. Grooves, lines, frequent acne in this area indicate kidney organ issues. Fear and overly reactive stress response is a possible cause of these indicators, as well as sugar, medications, chronic infections, inflammation, and excessive behavior. Stay clear by drinking fluids including spring water, raw coconut water, herbal tea. Herbs such as parsley, Lycium, Chanca Peidra and He Shou Wu are often recommended along with adequate rest to decrease stress. No amount of Botox is going to rid you of internal stress. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you’ve
conquered it. I’m not against artifice at all, just saying.

Between the Eyebrows:

Liver rules detoxification, digestion and the emotions. If you overburden your body with toxins like processed food (hard to digest), or negative emotions, you’re going to have problems here. The liver holds anger and frustration as well, so if you’ve got a deep groove or grooves in your forehead between your eyes, I’m talking to you. Please don’t get angry though, it will just get worse. Skin issues also indicate liver imbalance,so take care of yourself with clean choices.

Herbs like turmeric, leafy greens, and lots of clean protein like broiled skinless chicken are excellent. Never a bad time to start meditating. Nice weather to begin a daily walk in the park. Take a hike if you have access to hills and dales and start to laugh more. Life is too short to be serious all the time!

Eyebrows/Under eye-Kidney/Adrenal:

Ruled by the water element, this part manages body fluids. Stress can adversely affect the kidneys, showing up in all sorts of horrible ways such as (shudder) under-eye bags, puffiness, dark circles, and inflamed skin underneath the eyebrow ridge.

If your eyebrows are lighter than your head hair, this could be an indication of a weak kidney system. Drink lots of water! But not just any water, drink quality water. No chugging either, as that dilutes the kidneys. Caffeine, sugar, and refined salt are to be eschewed. Love your mineral rich foods instead, sleep eight hours and breathe. No more teacup tempests. Not worth it.


The left side of your nose corresponds to the left side of your heart (the right nose side to the right heart side). Together they tell the whole story. Heart congestion will show up in blackheads, and redness proclaims blood sugar/blood pressure issues from excess alcohol, sugar and processed foods. Any negative emotional turmoil affects and damages your delicate heart. Lose the anger, the stubbornness and dissolve your grief with a positive mental outlook. Opening your heart to joy helps you to move to forward into self acceptance and understanding of others. It’s so life changing when you choose to shift your mind.

Lower inflammation with omega-3 fats like anchovies and sardines. Take a daily tablespoon of cod liver oil. Heart herbs include Reishi, Pearl, and White Peony.


Issues in this body area may be related to stomach and colon problems. Mouth ulcers are a concern for similartoxic heat or ulcers in the stomach. Since the colon is very connected to the stomach, figure that if your stomach isn’t working properly, your colon is going to be bothered as well. Eating only raw or cold foods causes dampness in your belly. When the stomach has to work overtime to heat up food, it burns out eventually and causes this condition. This creates mucus in the colon, yeast and fungal infections. I’m sure you want to avoid that!

Eating mostly warm, lightly cooked foods promotes the healthiest balance in your body. Remedies include chia, marshmallow,slippery elm, and aloe vera.


These digestion rulers work tirelessly to extract Qi from food (rules are similar to mouth/chin since they’re close together). Excess heat often shows up in this area. Cheeks red? Your stomach is probably having an issue with inflammation. If you work on overcoming emotional negativity and drinking enough liquid, especially between meals (an hour or two after eating , and fifteen minutes prior), your balance will be restored quickly. There’s no downside to proper hydration!

Beauty definitely comes from within. Your good health will be showcased in your mental and physical state. If you own your inner beauty, your healthy exterior self will telegraph it to the world.