Leaky Gut Syndrome, The Debbie Downer of the Gourmand. By Erika Weber MS LAc

Here’s the dictionary definition: “Hyperpermeable Intestines.” 

Big words. What they mean is that the intestinal lining has become more porous, with holes developing that are larger in size; making the usual screening process unable to function. 

Picture this scenario: 

Your body is a trendy nightclub suddenly deluged by an unwanted invasion of the bridge and tunnel crowd.…

The Power of Bone Broth

The Power Of Bone Broth — Erika Weber MS LAc

Bone broth has been part of my daily health and wellness regimen for years. I originally learned of bone broth as a form of traditional Chinese medicine. The ancient Chinese would drink bone broth to improve kidney, liver and spleen function – which might be why broth-based soups have always been a go-to for those feeling under the weather!…

Acupuncture for Pain relief

This video explains how acupuncture can relieve pain through trigger point therapy. Erika explains how muscle fibers can form trigger points and how active trigger points can affect not only the area, but different parts of the body. Trigger point release with sterile acupuncture needles is also demonstrated for the intrigued and she concludes by explaining how everyone has different experiences with trigger point release therapy and if patients are sensitive – 16th Street Acupuncture for pain relief can alter the treatment to get similar results.…