Bone broth has been part of my daily health and wellness regimen for years. I originally learned of bone broth as a form of traditional Chinese medicine. The ancient Chinese would drink bone broth to improve kidney, liver and spleen function – which might be why broth-based soups have always been a go-to for those feeling under the weather!

After learning about its healing powers, I started to incorporate two cups of bone broth into my daily diet – one in the morning and one at night – and quickly became a believer. It’s helped my skin, hair, and nails stay strong and healthy, and also aids in healthy digestion.

It might be strange to think of bones as having nutritional value, but they’re packed with nutrients. The problem is those nutrients stay trapped inside the bone unless they’re released through long, slow simmering process. But once they’re released, those healthy proteins, fats and minerals dissolve into the water and are ready to do their healing work as bone broth.

While personally I’ve seen the benefits of healthier skin, nails, hair and digestion, other bone broth converts have seen help with other more serious health issues like leaky gut syndrome, food intolerances and allergies, and joint health. Bone broth also contains collagen, which helps skin stay springy, supple and wrinkle-free – an added bone broth bonus!

If you’re adventurous in the kitchen, you can easily make bone broth at home for yourself. The process is simple, for even the most junior home cooks! But it can be time consuming. Bone broth should simmer for a long period of time, sometimes even overnight, to ensure all the nutrients trapped inside the bones exit into the broth to be digested. There are plenty of recipes available online if you want to experiment with making it from scratch.

If you’d rather leave it to the experts, you can buy bone broth online. Broth Masters has a great line of calcium-rich bone broth that you can have shipped directly to your house. Either way, you’re bound to experience some of the wonderful side effects of welcoming bone broth into your wellness routine – make no bones about it!