Leaky Gut Syndrome, The Debbie Downer of the Gourmand. By Erika Weber MS LAc

Here’s the dictionary definition: “Hyperpermeable Intestines.” 

Big words. What they mean is that the intestinal lining has become more porous, with holes developing that are larger in size; making the usual screening process unable to function. 

Picture this scenario: 

Your body is a trendy nightclub suddenly deluged by an unwanted invasion of the bridge and tunnel crowd.…

The Power of Bone Broth

The Power Of Bone Broth — Erika Weber MS LAc

Bone broth has been part of my daily health and wellness regimen for years. I originally learned of bone broth as a form of traditional Chinese medicine. The ancient Chinese would drink bone broth to improve kidney, liver and spleen function – which might be why broth-based soups have always been a go-to for those feeling under the weather!…