Acupuncture is rooted in traditional East Asian medicine

The goal of traditional East Asian medicine is to create balance in our bodies.

Disharmony can occur when any aspect of our being is over- or underutilized. Stress, sleep patterns, and other information point to the sources of what we refer to as a person’s “pattern of disharmony.” Understanding the root of the problem helps us treat symptoms with Manhattan acupuncture, bodywork, lifestyle changes (including exercise), new dietary guidelines, and/or herbal therapy.

Acupuncture incorporates bodywork, lifestyle, diet & exercise.

Acupuncture, which originated in ancient China over 2,000 years ago, is one of the most widespread healing systems in the world. It involves the stimulation of special points on the body using fine needles, heat, pressure friction or other techniques. Acupuncture balances and facilitates the circulation of blood, fluids and the flow of Qi, or energy, through specific pathways of the body, optimizing its ability to heal injury, illness and dysfunction.

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